ETC Records is the gospel and Radius is its prophet. Nobody works harder for his label than this guy does.

It’s next-level hustle. You have people whose idea of “work” is sitting in their boxers and spamming Facebook event pages with their links between binge watching episodes of Friends on Netflix. On the other hand you have Radius, who is walking the earth like Kwai Chang Caine, dropping in on record stores in Amsterdam or Buffalo that now stock his script. Who could be a better publicist than the one who lives and breathes this stuff? There’s Radius, and there’s everybody else.

Being the gospel, there are no bad records on ETC Records, which is carving out a niche for soul warriors who know he’s got the goods. Uncle_EL (aka ELevation) adds another chapter to the saga with Now U C Me?

Like a few other artists on ETC, Uncle_EL’s overall sound is more soulful than soulful house, deeper than most of what is sold under the name “deep house” these days. His hip hop background is apparent but he’s weaving dance rhythms into his grooves. This isn’t all about the drums but they’re the lifeblood of Now U Ce Me? – tracks like “Dance In The Rain” and “InFlight” shine with percussion that sound completely out of this world. Lead track “NOW” is another example of elite level DAW voodoo – the leaded bassline gets deep under your skin and settles in your bone marrow. “LifeOnMars” (no relation and no resemblance to the Dexter Wansel disco classic) and “(De Clive) Lowe Key” is this guy working a DAW like Herbie Hancock works an ARP, like a turntablist working a set of decks.

Uncle_EL: Now U C Me? / ETC Records / October 25, 2019 / Digital
1. Uncle_EL: NOW (03:14)
2. Uncle_EL: Dance In The Rain (02:22)
3. Uncle_EL: InFlight (04:33)
4. Uncle_EL: SuperCluster (04:26)
5. Uncle_EL: CuznOvDth (04:34)
6. Uncle_EL: RDSCVRY (02:39)
7. Uncle_EL: LifeOnMars (04:14)
8. Uncle_EL: O S Biah (03:56)
9. Uncle_EL: (De Clive) Lowe Key (06:30)



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