Underground Quality and Jus’Ed continue doing the work of tracking down new sounds and giving their creators a place in the sun. This time it’s Nathalie Capello with a dynamic 5 track EP, Diggin U, that inhales 30 years of dance music lore, holds it for a second and breathes out some pure electronic vapor haze.

The A side holds the good shit for me. “Come Into My Life” is the first and I gotta say most surprising track on here — this is pure soulful house (I’m not giving up that term, I’m taking it back for the tracks that deserve it) with big chords and a bigger vocal. Rose Lonergan is one of those rare singers with the gift of making you believe she’s singing just to you, and for you. Just as fast, “Desire” mixes it up with a crack up of 8 bit speed garage. There’s a cool quasi-DJ tool with a jacked up rendition of hook from “Come Into My Life” at the end. Never a disappointment from UQ.

Nathalie Capello: Diggin U EP / Underground Quality (January 2020/12″ vinyl)
A1. Nathalie Capello: “Come Into My Life” (feat Rose Lonergan) (5:34)
A2. Nathalie Capello: “Desire” (6:23)
B1. Nathalie Capello: “Get It Right” (HW Jam) (5:39)
B2. Nathalie Capello: “Receiving Mode” (5:51)
B3. Nathalie Capello: “You Got Me Going” (2:04)



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