Some producers still take pride in being inscrutable. “Inscrutable” could have been a more descriptive title for Evocations, a wax release from Unit Black Flight (“Unit Black Flight” itself sounds like three words taken at random or from an encoded numbers station transmission).

Evocations straddles genres that almost never meet, and when they borrow each other’s trousers they almost never wear them like this. “Preternatural Convergence” sounds like Techno for a John Carpenter film. I listened for about five seconds and hit the buy button based on that. I had no reason to believe that anyone who could make atmospheric Techno that bordered on retro synthwave could go wrong, and I was not disappointed.

“Immaterial Reality” sounds like someone wanted to make a disco song but only had a half-functional 303 and made it happen anyway. They’re not all entirely like this, but for the most part they are: an intoxicating subversion of everything that listening to and programming electronic music for the last 20 years has conditioned us to expect.


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