It’s usually with a bit of embarrassment that I write about the records of ex-Chicagoans. The “brain drain” is real, it’s been going on for decades now and it’s never going to stop. Deep Club is now a “Denver-based DIY party crew” and their first release is a four track Various Artists comp highlight some of the crew’s creations.

Occidental’s “Move U” leads it off with some solid chords; it doesn’t just set the table for the record but it’s that opening-set type of track that is sure to start things off on the right foot.

“Sound Response” from Falling Into Places is my jam here. There’s a melodic tune in the deep down in the mix, similar to something like the early Ambient House records I’ve been YouTubing lately after reading about the death of Exist Dance co-founder and Tranquility Bass’ Michael Kandel and discovering his work. “Sound Response” slides into that groove like a glove: cerebral but danceable, some nostalgia for ’70s chill vibes but very much progressive.



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