Various Artists: Garage Future

Jeremy Sylvester spearheads a 20 track compilation from UK Garage-influenced artists spanning the globe.

Garage Future really captures the essence and diversity of UK Garage. Jeremy Sylvester has done a fantastic job in illustrating the conglomeration and amalgamation of styles within the genre, as well as honing in a plethora of artists both new to the scene in addition to some staples that have helped to define the sound. Another noteworthy element to this compilation is the fact he commissioned artists from across the globe to showcase; including Australia, Canada, Germany, Belgium, The United States and of course, England.

Tracks are included by Jeremy himself along with a few of his well-known pseudonyms (like Club Asylum & Strictly Dubz) that have been synonymous with UKG since its inception in the ’90s. Proper Soulful productions & remixes are included by some guys currently making an impact like Adam Hyjek, Stevie B, Ples Jones, Cup & String and Mr. Bootsauce.

For those looking for some rougher and more aggressive edged material you won’t be dissatisfied with the works of Bassface, The Hornet, Jekyll and Hybrid Theory. Lastly tracks by newcomers Arie Mando, Charles Haf and Concinnity shouldn’t go unnoticed as these are artists to become familiar with making a solid impact with their early contributions. All in all 20+ tracks of bliss for a variety of bass driven Garage business as well as DJ mix of them all by SLY himself!


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