A huge compilation showcasing the artists of Detroit Artist Agency, and it’s in keeping with their character that they’re willing to put it out there as “This Is Detroit.”

The album (to be released as a CD shortly) is a splendid example of the depth and eccentricity of modern Detroit electronic music. Here you can find the dubby cut up vocals over reinforced steel beats of DJ Cent (“There’s Some House”) contrasted with the experimental tribalism of Mike Agent X Clark (“It’s Coming For Ya!”); the slow churning acid turnover of Marshall Applewhite (“Nozzle”) and the psycho breakbeat and grimey techno of Kris Wadsworth (“Infiltrator”).

Quite a few of us who are now too cool to admit it lost our cherry to Detroit Techno via the comps that circulated back in the day, which were about the only way to get music then made for a small market of DJs into the hands of people who weren’t. This Is Detroit fits in this space, on the shelf beside Techno! The New Dance Sound of Detroit and Tresor II (Berlin/Detroit Techno Alliance).

Various Artists: This Is Detroit (Detroit Artist Agency)

1. Mike Agent X Clark – It’s Coming For Ya!
2. DJ Cent – There’s Some House
3. J.Garcia – I Don’t Know
4. Sean Deason – Rellik
5. Drivetrain – This Is Detroit
6. Kero – Missing 1045
7. Marshall Applewhite – Nozzle
8. Dimitri Pike – Grand River
9. DJ Roach – Take Off
10. Gary Martin – Multi Jack Remixes Megamix
11. Dwayne Jensen – Centipede
12. Kris Wadsworth – Infiltrator
13. Annix – Singularia


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