Various: Disco Whipped EP

Listening to the mesmerizing horn come in on Pete le Freq’s “Rise” makes being up at 10:47 pm totally tolerable and even enjoyable, despite the looming 5:30 am alarm. Throw in the funky bassline, hi-hat and keys and you’ll decide to call in sick, ’cause you’re goin’ dancin’. This fifth Lowercase Sounds release includes two more mellow but groovy tracks that will get playtime, too, just a bit earlier in the night (which you missed, because you were busy calling in sick to work). But no worries, you didn’t miss Terry G’s “Higher” … the vocals will get you to “try to take it higher” around 1:30. And if you’re still on your feet at 4, DJ Raw Sugar’s “I Just” and Will Jax’s “Won’t Let Go” will bring you back home in time to chill without stopping the beats (so you don’t stumble into anyone waiting for the train on their way into work in the early a.m.).

Review by Lydia Wrobel