Various Dragons

Local Raider releases a vinyl 4 track various artists EP.

Several new or new-to-you or just new-to-me names here on wax for the third release from Local Raider. The overall mood is one of dark house, ambient techno and where these things bleed together on the margin. Andrey Djackonda’s “Calatorul In Timp” reminds one of a chilled-out vintage Speedy J record. Jay Hill (the only name I’m terribly familiar with here) has a viscerally physical 8 minutes of pleasure called “Runaway Bob.” Pierre C.’s “Selfish Crowd” has a title that sounds jaded but a sound that’s really quite sweet and (here’s that word again) smooth. Stan Soul’s “Mindform” glistens with a glossy sort of sheen. All four tracks have a lot in common; like any good various artists release that you go into blind, it left me with a few good tracks and a desire to know more about the people that made them.


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