This is probably the only “various artists” EP you need concern yourself with for the next few months. Louie “Balo” Guzman’s “Don’t Shut Me Out” is one of those records that deserves a shelf of the store all by itself, with other records grouped together not by genre but the simple mark of Fierceness. The original is more than 15 years old at this point (and was co-written, at least according to the Subversive release, by Ultra Nate); this is a new edit and you can slide it immediately into the fold as a secret weapon to lift the vibe up at any time in the night.

Nearly every song that includes “House Music” in the title (after the Anthem, of course) is a cheesy mess; not so with Tuff Jam & Mike Sharon’s “Thank You House Music”, which has a thump worthy of Farley Jackmaster Funk’s mighty elephant foot. Marc Cotterell teams up with Karl The Voice on “Jus Dance”, which is in a sense the soul of this release.