Following up on What’s Going On? The Spacy Saga Vol 1 – an EP that featured “a murderer’s row of Chicago house vets” including Lil’Tal, Bernard Badie and Vincent Floyd – Jupter4 drops some wobbly acid and booming kick drum beats on the 808 Tele Funk EP by Vin Sol.

Lots of electro funky lore here (and it’s on vinyl so you’re paying for all of it if you like it or not) but aside from my love for spacey 808s (“808 Tele Funk”) and Terminator laser war footage appropriated for the dancefloor (“Air Rights”), “Fried” just has that plodding elephant foot stomping out the time that I love. I usually judge labels as curiosities until they prove themselves, but just a few releases into it and Jupiter4 has thrown their guns on the table. They’re the real thing.

Vin Sol: 808 Tele Funk EP / Jupiter4
A1. Vin Sol: “Fried” (5:44)
A2. Vin Sol: “Air Rights” (5:53)
B1. Vin Sol: “808 Tele Funk” (5:36)
B2. Vin Sol: “808 Tele Funk” (Dj Loui mix) (6:49)



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