After many years in the musical wilderness, revered Chicago producer Vincent Floyd reappeared somewhere around 2014, perhaps coaxed from his hiatus by a renewed interest in the rootsical side of House shown by European labels such as Rush Hour. Whatever brought the great man back into the studio, it’s certain that dance music is all the richer for his return. Due for release sometime in November from Italian vinyl-only imprint Traxx Underground, Vincent Floyd’s Contemplation Of Deepness EP is a simple, honest collection of tracks with a whole lot of heart.

Title track “Contemplation Of Deepness” is exactly that: a spoken word reflection on getting older and perhaps ‘safer’ in a scene (and world) that worships only youth and risk. “I used to be so deep, but now I feel sort of shallow. Got a car loan to pay, taxes, cell phone bills, student loans… What happened to me?” The track is low-fat, melodic and utterly beautiful, making Vincent’s reverie feel intimate and haunting.

The brilliantly titled “Phobias Of The Privileged” plays with simple and at times eerie synth melody lines which gradually begin to intertwine over an insistent drum pattern, sounding for all the world like an undiscovered golden era classic. ‘Aurora’s Smile’ introduces itself with jazzy piano and guitar chords, opening out into a slinky, disco infusion complete with a lovely slap bass moment, let down slightly by a synth solo which doesn’t quite nail the key change… Finally, Italian producer Lerosa delivers a jerky, discordant remix of “Contemplation Of Deepness” with dark techno leanings which, if there’s any justice in the world, should surely work wonders in underground clubs (though I must confess it’s been so long since I attended a nightclub that I’m probably no longer qualified to comment).

A very nice EP, well worth the money for the title track alone.



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