A Vincent Floyd record on a turntable draws people from outside the room to shoulder up and crowd around. There are so many “What IS that?” moments in Vincent Floyd’s discography, a record of classics and classics-in-the-making and which is growing like a vine crawling up a wall.

Music Therapy is made up of three stunning tracks from the resurgent Chicago legend, plus a marvelous remix from a resurgent-in-his-own-right Nico Lahs. Those beautiful synths roll like a field of gold on “You Never Knew Me.” Lots of people try this and wind up with something that sounds like deep house murdered by trance. The real stuff is so powerful it’s like a hazy intoxicant waved under your nose.

Vincent Floyd specializes in achingly beautiful tracks that summon up the visual powers of landscapes and sunrises with a very limited palette of tools. It’s a specialization that has made his music almost unique — it’s certainly unique in how far down, how deep, and for how long he’s gone. The title track is a case in point. In his hands this becomes music for a séance — a place to raise spirits and mark the meeting of souls.

Vincent Floyd: Music Therapy (Nicepeople / July 2020 / 12″ Vinyl)
A1. Vincent Floyd: Music Therapy
A2. Vincent Floyd: What Have We Done?
B1. Vincent Floyd: What Have We Done? (Nico Lahs South Side Mix)
B2. Vincent Floyd: You Never Knew Me



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