Dwell’s debut on wax is a dubby four track blend of deep house and techno. “You And Me” sets the table nicely with a chopped up ode that veers from Chicago House to almost UKG with its frenetic and relentlessly charging tempo. “Flying High” is the kind of atmospheric mental techno that I love, with a strange vocal chorus that floats in and out – you can get lost listening to this one. The B-side is more of the same – the jacking “Follow The Rabbit” which sounds like it could have been stripped off the plates at a Midwest Rave circa ’94. The same could be said of “My Intentions Were Good,” which closes it out with something big and sonorous, buried with acid squelches like a proper full moon anthem.

Dwell: Virtual Life (Of Paradise)

1. Dwell: You And Me (04:58)
2. Dwell: Flying High (05:45)
3. Dwell: Follow The Rabbit (05:08)
4. Dwell: My Intentions Were Good (06:12)



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