At Ground Zero with Lydia Eisenblätter

Three minutes into "Walk" and you've got one of the most vicious grooving deep house tracks you'll find in the racks this month.

Lydia Eisenblätter knows how to set a mood. On “Walk” she works a sample that sounds like a record stuck in a locked groove or a broken music box. Three minutes in and you’ve got one of the most vicious grooving deep house tracks you’ll find in the racks this month. “Walk” is the lead track from Lydia’s Ground Zero EP, which dropped on wax the first week of September. The lead track is something special, and I’m afraid it’s one of those tracks that 90 seconds samples with the needle dropped right in the middle can’t possibly capture. It builds slowly, hypnotically, with a masterfully manipulated vocal sample cut and clipped and pushing your consciousness right to the edge – to the edge of the edge – of the precipice.

Over the course of two original tracks Eisenblätter steps effortlessly from this sweaty basement jam to the gleaming metallic techno of “Modulate.” Lenson remixes “Modulate” for alien discotheques; E110101 turns “Walk” into a throwback deep techno jam evocative of maybe Juan Atkins or Eddie Fowlkes.

Lydia Eisenblätter: Ground Zero / [OAM] / Release Date: September 9 2019 / 12″ vinyl
A1. Lydia Eisenblätter: “Walk” (6:35)
A2. Lydia Eisenblätter: “Walk” (E110101 remix) (5:36)
B1. Lydia Eisenblätter: “Modulate” (6:47)
B2. Lydia Eisenblätter: “Modulate” (Lenson remix) (7:02)



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