Reissue Alert: “Ocean Between Us” from Wamdue Kids

Periodic reminder that Wamdue Kids was a seriously brilliant group that we keep forgetting...

As far as reissues go this has been a long time coming. Wamdue Kids was an Atlanta project that once featured three guys all named Chris (Chris Clarke, Chris Udoh and Chris Brann). They were featured alongside future legends like Armando, Roy Davis Jr, Paul Johnson and others on Trance Atlantic 2, the seminal compilation out of the UK produced by Volume, and released a bunch of EPs on Kelli Hand’s Acacia and full-length albums on K7 (Wamdue Works) and, like seemingly everyone else with access to a Korg Prophet and E-Mu sampler, Peacefrog (These Branching Moments).

Chris Brann’s discography as The Ananda Project has long since lapped his earlier project. He also doesn’t seem like the type of artist who spends a lot of time looking backward. Given that statement it’s ironic that the longest and most notable track on the Wamdue Kids Ocean Between Us EP is called “Memory & Forgetting.” This is worth the repress alone: at 11 minutes but feeling even longer, “Memory & Forgetting” brings a sense of the symphonic to the rave, an extended dissociative experience or episode of delirium captured on tape like a live PA.

Wamdue Kids: Ocean Between Us (Sounds / May 2021 / 12″ Vinyl)
A1. Wamdue Kids: “Memory & Forgetting” (11:52)
B1. Wamdue Kids: “Ocean Between Us” (5:44)
B2. Wamdue Kids: “Abduction” (7:06)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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