Between institutional labels and dynamic upstarts are record labels like Dungeon Meat, which surface from the foliage when you least expect it, smack your ass and then vanish back into the tall grass again. “A collection of dance floor dynamite” is what the promotional sheet for Weapons of Ass Destruction Vol 1 reads and that’s not the half of it: these three tracks by label owners Blunt Instruments, Ron Obvious and Per Hammar are radioactive with a half-life measured in decades. “Kum On” is the “Big Bottom” of house music: if any house track were to be performed live with three bass players, this might be the one. Ron Obvious’ “Mindful Vision” is another epitome of the lo-fi/hi-energy aesthetic, while Per Hammar’s “BX Chamber” with its spacious FX and progression into something like cosmic hip hop beats captures that dank, dark and slightly druggy vibe that Dungeon Meat espouses.

Blunt Instruments, Ron Obvious, Per Hammar: Weapons of Ass Destruction Vol 1 (Dungeon Meat)
A1. Blunt Instruments – “Kum On”
B1. Ron Obvious – “Mindful Vision”
B2. Per Hammar – “BX Chamber”


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