medlar edits west end

I don’t know where the money goes but after a Wild West atmosphere reigned for the last decade it’s nice to see some edits and reissues getting a proper, presumably legal release by the labels that provided the source material.

Shirley Lites’ “Heat You Up (Melt You Down)” is the lead track on Medlar’s EP of edits drawing from the catalog of the legendary West End Records. It’s also the best: Lites’ vocal still shatters any and all fragile objects when it spikes in Minnie Riperton fashion.

Love Club’s “Hot Summer Nights” gets a similar treatment and is a good indication that you might need two copies of this, because it locks into place with “Heat You Up” tongue-to-groove. Sexed-up funk from 1983, this treasure from Jay “Mixin'” Dixon is mixed by Medlar with the care and precision of a diamond cutter. B-side tracks “There’s Never Been (No One Like You)” by Kenix and “I Get Lifted” by Sweet Life round out the connection. These four boogie tracks form a rather unappreciated aspect of the West End story, and Medlar brings them back to life with a sense of reverence and style.

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West End Edits: Medlar (West End Records)
A1. Shirley Lites – “Heat You Up (Melt You Down)” (Medlar extended edit) (8:08)
B1. Love Club – “Hot Summer Nights” (Medlar dub edit) (6:18)
C1. Kenix – “There’s Never Been (No One Like You)” (feat Bonny Youngblood – Medlar edit) (7:29)
D1. Sweet Life – “I Get Lifted” (Medlar dub) (5:52)