As I get older, I find myself more interested in listening (for once) to the views of others than convincing them of my own. When it comes to artists, it’s a basic curiosity: who are you and where do you come from, and what’s it like there?

Mexico City by all accounts has a fascinating electronic music scene, both young enough and diverse enough to fully represent North America’s largest metropolis. White Visitation is one of the fixtures in that scene and short of a personal conversation his new EP from Blank Slate will have to do the introductions. These four tracks are cyclones of percussion, voices cut out of context and buried in delirium. “Wounds II” and “Wounds V” (cheery!) have a ferocity and grace that you can rank with the best of them. “Delete Forever” is described as a “thematic finale” to the EP, and it is – heavily textured tones, like 10 minimalist records were snagged from a crate and layered one atop the other. It doesn’t “end” but dies, like a machine that goes white hot and burns out.

Out now on Bandcamp.


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