Another great WOLF Music release, this time it’s a four-tracker with music from four separate artists. First up Medlar delivers a sleek, driving, techno-tinged jam with some serious pulsing low end on it. I’ve only listened on my headphones but I bet the throbbing bass sounds massive on a big rig. Halfway through he brings in a synth arpeggio that sounds out of key before putting an extreme flanger on something else and the whole thing goes in another, slightly madder, direction. I like it when records do things you don’t expect. 

Manuel Darquart’s “Euphoria” kicks off with a nice drifty, dreamy pad, adds some chunky beats and bass and then keeps it pretty drifty and dreamy all the way through. Depending on when you play it this could be an efficient room warmer or a sunrise MDMA rusher. Next, Jon Sable’s “Infinite Care” is a cool deep house/ broken beat 707 groove with a minuscule arpeggio, three chords and a synth wig-out in the second half. Final track “Handmade” by moon featuring Tamu is a nice-enough deep house track which I’m sure some will dig but to my ears is somewhat overshadowed by the rest of the EP. But life would be boring if we all liked the same things, wouldn’t it?

V/A: Friends & Family EP (WOLF Music / 12″ Vinyl + Digital / June 2022)
1. Medlar – Bandit (06:19)
2. Manuel Darquart – Euphoria (05:53)
3. Jon Sable – Infinite Care (07:08)
4. moon feat. Tamu – Handmade (06:27)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.



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