Strap yourself in and nail the furniture down before you put this one on, because I Love Acid has an EP of nasty tunes from New York producer WTCHCRFT.

I’ve only known WTCHCRFT from Bandcamp and a series of EPs there, primarily the half-dozen or so released since the pandemic began. Most of the tracks begin with sparse beats that hit hard, it sounds like electro but it’s not unless you want it to be. It’s building an architecture for some of the finest, most mental 303 lines captured in the wild. WTCHCRFT taps into the aesthetic of the ’80s, when studio time was expensive or stolen and there were still untapped discoveries to be made with hardware after the knobs first got tweaked — when the question wasn’t just “How?” but “What else?”

Of note on here is the prototype: “Merde Acid,” as in “Shit Acid,” with beats that come in like electro but burn brighter and a voice that returns on other tracks, both emotionless and scowling, the way computers used to be before they started asking us if we were feeling okay. “All D Time On Mi Mind” is the soundtrack for a workplace uprising, the metal-on-metal of a cafeteria riot as appropriated utensils and trays are used as drums and shields and weapons of war.

“Nonsense Acid” is the strongest track yet; Elisa Bee’s remix of “All D Time On Mi Mind” is both adventurous and exhilarating. There’s no filler here, not a gap you can pass a folded dollar through.

WTCHCRFT: ILA025 (I Love Acid / June 2021 / 12″ Vinyl)
A1. WTCHCRFT: Merde Acid
A3: WTCHCRFT: All Di Time On Mi Mind
B1. WTCHCRFT: All Di Time On Mi Mind (Elisa Bee Remix)
B2. WTCHCRFT: Nonsense Acid

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