Vincent Floyd‘s vinyl imprint Dawn Notes takes a surprising turn with Enter The Maze, a new EP from Wyndell Long. The first Dawn Notes release was a cut from Floyd himself whose name (Vault 1: Love’s Pain) implied archive and unreleased material. Instead: a like-minded Chicago veteran whose musical career can be geolocated at the same borderland between deep house and techno that Floyd traversed jumps on board.

Long’s “A History of Warmth” makes for an inviting opening: a cyclone of warm (sorry) synths, guitars and a mighty kick shaking the earth. “LFO” sounds like a song of praise to low-frequency oscillation, the producer’s friend, in a driving techno track.

Wyndell Long: Enter The Maze / Dawn Notes
A1. Wyndell Long: “A History Of Warmth”
A2. Wyndell Long: “Enter The Maze”
B1. Wyndell Long: “LFO Reprise”
B2. Wyndell Long: “Smoke”



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