German DJ and producer YENI has hand-selected 11 eclectic techno tracks to smash a champagne bottle on the side of her new label Cyborgs In Love. We Are Cyborgs Vol 1 is not Cyborgs’ first release but it is an inviting look into the type of talent they’re drawing. Many of these names will be new to you – most were new to me, and the fact that these somewhat-new names are also making good music is also a terribly exciting thing.

Chris Hirose’s “The Night We Met” is a favorite off the record – a classic set-opener with a bassline that gallops to a pace that’s almost disco, “The Night” starts off as an anthem and ends in a cinematic master cut. Bohn’s “Difference” is spiked with chilling effects over an acid churn. Boodaman’s “Ulna” is another classic of its form: hectic, paranoid, mind-melting acid. Drumcomplex’s “Acception” and Gabriela Penn’s “Attack” bring the jack and Chi-style fuzz. These are tracks that could have been made hunched over an MPC in Armando’s basement, or could definitely be played with the ones that really were. All 11 tracks are subject of a bonus, release-only mix by YENI, which is worth it.

Various Artists: We Are Cyborgs Vol 1 (Cyborgs In Love)
1. Drumcomplex – Acception (07:01)
2. Gabriela Penn – Attack (07:05)
3. Roland M Dill – City Of Refuge (06:05)
4. Chris Hirose – The Night We Met (06:41)
5. Pete Laskis & John Haden – You Can’t Take My Soul (07:27)
6. Ronny Vergara & Djerry C – Valhalla (08:33)
7. Ronny Vergara & Djerry C – Valhalla (Sync Therapy remix) (09:00)
8. Bohn – Difference (07:39)
9. Boodaman – Ulna (07:36)
10. Joonas L – Zinn Soldat (06:24)
11. Smoon – Make You Feel (06:43)
12. YENI – We Are Cyborgs Vol 1 (continuous DJ mix) (1:01:43) (Album Only)


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