Straight and to the point, as befits a record like “Don’t Take This Shit So Serious”: youANDme collaborate with Brothers Vibe on a fierce Deep House single from Finale Sessions.

Powering up the microscope just a bit: the Berlin-based project had something wonderful on their hands here, and Finale Sessions snapped it up. Renown for having built a catalog of deep cuts that stand the test of time down to their eighth notes and underwear, Finale kept this one pure: a single remix from Brothers’ Vibe, an acapella and a couple of other rather supplementary mixes (which appear to be digital-only).

A laid back vocal mumbles about deep shit and real deep shit and the distinction therein, and while there’s enough happening with some hammered keys floating in and out, the real treat is the percussion – this is House Music still made for dancing up and down and in crazy ways like someone wringing out a voodoo doll. The remix by Brothers’ Vibe is even more of a dancer’s delight.

These rhythm workouts are brought to you by Finale, released last month on wax and available from the usual locations.