Bangin’ remix from the legendary DJ Rolando (Underground Resistance, Los Hermanos) of SCUBA LYFE, the hazy, deliriously hypnotic and appropriately trippy b-side track from Manchester producer Black Eyes’ EP HYDRO-TRIP VOL 1 out August 18 on vinyl + digital from his Lost Control 2097 label.

Absolutely brilliant EP from start to finish, with a clear influence from Drexciya and the late, great Mike Huckaby, to whom the record is dedicated.

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🎙 Black Eyes – Hailing from Manchester, Black Eyes excels as a producer but “is at heart primarily a DJ, and always will be.” Heavily influenced by the likes of Mike Huckaby (to whom Hydro Trip Vol 1 is dedicated), Walt J, Omar S and Norm Talley, Black Eyes was a 7 year resident with NTS radio before moving to Berlin in 2022.

🎧 Rolando – The legend. One of the best producers to ever do it, from Aztec Mystic to Jaguar, people are still trying to digest his music from Underground Resistance, Los Hermanos and his post-2004 solo material released on Delsin, Ostgut Ton and his own Rolando Rocha.

🏷 Lost Control 2097 – Berlin-based record label distributed by Clone and run by Black Eyes, “showcasing the best hydro-trip from the 7th dimensiøn.”

📆 Out August 18 on 12″ vinyl and digital from Lost Control 2097