Incredible dopeness from our friend Belgian producer Gratts, dropping four tracks of banging house music on the Klub Romance EP. Donning a new guise as Trackhead T, Gratts focuses on the spectral and esoteric side of house on this deep club track, “Empyrean Crossing,” premiering here for 5 Mag.

“Keeping things raw and stripped back, the Belgian challenged himself in the studio to use about 12 channels max per track. The result is Klub Romance, a little nod to his old stomping ground Berlin: 4 flavours of deep club trax with influences ranging from early Felix Da Housecat to Boo Williams or even Schatrax.”

🔴 Listen: Gratts pres Trackhead T – Empyrean Crossing [Be Strong Be Free]

🔗 Link: Vinyl from Juno

Listen to “Mantra” from the same release via JunoDailyOnline.

🎙 Gratts aka Trackhead T – Belgian by birth, a resident of Berlin for 8 years and now living in South Australia, Gratts has been making music under the guise of “various projects and alter egos” for years. I don’t know what the others are, but at least under this name, and over the last few years, his productions have truly shined. “Brighter Future” featuring the vocals of Robert Owens & released on our friend Jorge Caiado‘s Inner Balance label, sets the tone. It’s sunny and consciously optimistic music, crafted by an artist with serious songwriting and arrangement skills. “Sun Circles,” released earlier this year, is a composition so bright you can feel the radiant chords as well as you can hear them… Read more…

📆 Out on December 11 2024, vinyl only. Pre-order from Juno, wordandsound or