Beloved techno producer and DJ Noncompliant has announced the release of Momentum Shift, the debut EP from her new label Giant Arm, out September 7 2023.

Giant Arm is designed to be a showcase for Noncompliant’s “signature style of raw, uncompromising techno.” Momentum Shift features four tracks that tick every box on that checklist — the rhythmic, radical and raw sound of Midwest techno crafted by one of our most essential artists.

5 Mag is premiering the lead track from Momentum Shift. “Symptom Onset,” like many Noncompliant tracks, doesn’t “start” as much as it “warms up,” like a great thermal engine gradually filling the room with heat, frenzy, sound and fury. Listen here:

Giant Arm releases Momentum Shift on September 7 2023; pre-order on Bandcamp or JunoDownload.

Give it a listen and some love if you like it 👏

🔗 Link:

🎙 Noncompliant – Raised in small-town Indiana on a musical diet of 80s synth pop and punk rock, Noncompliant soon found barnyard raves and warehouse techno parties and (as DJ Shiva) quickly became a fixture of the fabled 90s Midwest USA rave scene. Now, almost three decades and a name change later, she is at the top of her techno game. She was recognized as one of Mixmag’s Top 20 Breakthrough DJs in 2017 and has performed at renowned venues like Berghain and Tresor in Berlin, Smartbar in Chicago, and DeSchool in Amsterdam. She has also appeared at festivals such as Unsound and Movement Detroit. Noncompliant’s releases and remixes on labels like Valence, Flash, Outerworld, and Dark Entries have made waves in the global music scene, with her track “Women’s Work” even landing on Fiedel’s official Berghain 08 mix and his label Fiedeltwo. In 2023, she is launching her own label called Giant Arm, which features her signature style of raw, uncompromising techno.

🏷 Giant Arm – Noncompliant’s new label, Giant Arm is a label for techno that doesn’t chase trends or try to sound like anyone else. This is music made to cause a ruckus on the dancefloor.

📆 Out September 7 2023