Bottling up old school house with a fresh new vibe: Quintessentials drops “Life,” the second track with featured player Faber from Andy Ash’s phenomenal new album All The Colours.

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🔗 Link: Andy Ash: All The Colours (Bandcamp)

🎙 Andy Ash – UK DJ and producer Andy Ash has released music on Black Key, Home Taping Is Killing Music, Dessous, Whiskey Disco and more. His album for Quintessentials, All The Colours, feels like an 8 part love letter to house music, featuring a handful of featured players united around the concept of “bringing together his music and visual art in an attempt to try and identify the common ground between the two.”

🏷 Quintessentials – Quintessentials stands for essential deep and raw house music. They’ve released records from Alton Miller, Mat Chiavaroli, STefan Ringer, Simba, Javonntte, Felipe Gordon and more.

📆 Out November 4 2022 on 2 x 12″ vinyl and digitally from Quintessentials. Preorder from Bandcamp.

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