danny j lewis

Danny J Lewis is one of those producers that sneaks up on you: you like this track and that remix and before you know it you’ve got five tracks he had something to do with in the same set without meaning to make a tribute. A few of them really stand out: the 1996 remix of Victor Simonelli’s NY Garage classic “Do You Feel Me?” feels like something of a spiritual precursor to “Spend The Night,” especially the version from the 1995 Stronghouse Four For The Floor EP.

A new edition appeared in 1998, still holding on to the soul and quasi-Manhattan glitz but with additional remixes from Serious Danger, New Horizon and H-Man with a wild live bass from Julian Jonah from 187 Lockdown. This is still playable in any uptempo House set. Lewis is still making quality tunes as well, releasing a 2016 EP with our pals at Closer To Truth.



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