DJ EZ: Hesi ’99

Another appearance of an original production from DJ EZ on this list, featuring a B-side from his 2002 UKG release One For All on One Recordings. The vocal sample on this is just too good, and EZ seems to know he found something special as the rest of song is a vibrating machine specially constructed just to amplify it.

“MI3 (Made in 30 Mins) (Version One)” is a record for the bassheads for sure – fast, sleek and with one of the best basslines ever pressed to black wax.

DJ EZ: Hesi ’99 (from One For All EP) (One Recordings) (2002)
A1. DJ EZ: The Sign (Evil 4/4 Mix)
B1. DJ EZ: Hesi ’99
B2. DJ EZ: M.I.3. (Made In 30 Mins) (Version One)