fungus mungus london vibes

“You’ve heard the rest, now check out the best 12 (inch) of the summer.” That was the hype on SW15’s London Vibes EP, which featured different track titles from the Fungus Mungus release. Why release two records with the same tracks but different names? No one knows. Four Speed Garage tracks by “Cutmaster Ace” and “Mr. Ses” were released in these two editions in the Summer of 2000 on a white label.

The A2 track – “Take Me” on Fungus Mungus, “Escape” on London Vibes – features one of the most extreme time-stretched vocal sample in Speed Garage history with chilling breakdowns and a euphoric rise.

If this was all clever marketing, it kind of worked – here we are talking about it today, though we can’t say what exactly it is that we’re talking about. The original is unbelievably rare, and even few digital rips are known.



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