When Parris Mitchell Did UK Garage

UK Garage Classics: A B-side from Victor Romeo (aka Parris Mitchell) became an unlikely UK Garage smash thanks to these remixes from Scott Garcia, Mark Yardley & Ray Hurley.

Seriously, how is there not a statue of or at least a street named after this guy? Victor Romeo is Parris Mitchell, who A&R’d Dance Mania through its glory years and plays a singular role in the popularization of Ghetto House, Footwork and Juke worldwide. This multifaceted producer also made some huge melodic and raw beat tracks, plays guitar in sessions – and when he wasn’t doing all that, he made tracks like this.

“Love Will Find A Way” (the B-side to Acid House smash “Acid Rain”) was pressed by three different labels – Dance Mania way back in 1988, Danceteria in 1991 and finally “found its way” to the UK Garage scene in 1998 with these remixes by Ray Hurley and Scott Garcia (who released as the Dub Monsters) and Mark Yardley. Super underrated dub mix here with a slapdash that syncs and strays from the vocal.


Victor Romeo: Love Will Find A Way (Ray Hurley, Scott Garcia & Mark Yardley Full Vocal & Dub Mixes)
Public Demand, 1998