scott garcia its a london thing

“It’s A London Thing” is to UK Garage like “Rapper’s Delight” is to Hip Hop – it’s an anthem that burst out of a nascent genre and became a generational moment. It’s so wrapped up with nostalgia that you might as well hope to point out some new and original thought about James Brown or Michael Jackson at this point than to say anything that hasn’t been said before about “It’s A London Thing.” Interestingly, I found “Waiting” (by The Dub Monsters – Garcia and Ray Hurley) tugging on my ear more than “London.”

“It’s a London Thing” was covered by Grime artist Jammz in November 2016 on his Warrior EP, with a sharp edge to show just how the meaning of “a London thing” has changed over the last 20 years: “Corporations move poor people out their homes and they claim that they’re fixing the ends. And apart from pushing up all the rent prices, these Starbucks ain’t doing shit for the ends.”



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