tuff jams vol 1

Stone cold classics and inarguably one of the 10 most important UK Garage records ever. Dropped on Dem 2’s New York Soundclash Records in 1995, Tuff Jams Vol 1 marked the true start of Karl “Tuff Enuff” Brown and Matt “Jam” Lamont’s ascendancy to dance music legend. The classic edit of “Feel My Heart” is still a jazzy jam and eminently playable; the dubby OD of the original doesn’t necessarily sound as fresh but far more daring than the kind of thing being put out today – the crazy clip duet of vocalists and unexpected breakdown at two and a half minutes took the playbook of 4/4 House, burned it and smoked up the ashes. “I Got U” is sophisticated, soulful and with a cheeriness that sounded like a breath of fresh air in 1995. These guys still inspire; their catalog is still a textbook for aspiring producers to learn how to make effective dance music.