Welcome to the fourth installment of Four Play Sessions, a monthly mix series from Chicago’s Four Play Music and featuring the talents of Mr. Andrew Emil & Friends, exclusively for 5 Magazine.

This set is mixed by Chicago’s own Chris Grant. According to his bio:

Hailing from Chicago, Chris has never been a stranger to house music, laying steady footprints down in both the dj and production scene. What started as a necessary hobby over 10 years ago has evolved into a steady push of Chicago-influenced house music to all parts of the country and overseas as well. Chris has seen reviews for his material published near and far, including several writeups as well as Artist of the Month in URB Magazine. Labels such as Jackin Tracks, Dae Recordings, Spatula City, Kinjo, and Kolour have all been a part of the production side that helped boost Chris into newer territories with a whole new fanbase.

You can contact Andrew and Four Play via:

andrewemil.com | soundcloud | facebook

And Chris Grant can be reached via facebook as well.


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