Ed Martinez

The DRUMLESS plugin from AudioSourceRe takes audio separation for music producers out of the cloud and onto your desktop.
For $99 this product will sort out your life and your ugly sample collection.
How many lo-fi effects does a producer need? Drift might be the last one you ever need.
Velvet Machine is simple but not ordinary. It is one of several plugins designed by Yuri Turov which manipulates a sound by stretching and blurring it, somewhat similar to continuous reverb.
The best kept secret of the iOS platform, Zeeon from BeepStreet runs like a charm on Mac and macOS too.
What can you expect from a $100 MIDI controller? It's small, it's compact, but the MiniLab 3 is made by Arturia and that counts for a lot.
It started with a Roland Juno-106. Thousands of dollars later, I had all this beautiful analog gear and couldn't write a note on it. A year in analog hell by Ed Martinez.


Rooted: Laurent Garnier in the new issue of 5 Mag

Electronic music pioneer Laurent Garnier, Monty Luke, Petals In Sound, Henna Onna, Paul Johnson and more inside the new issue of 5 Mag, released May 2024.