A 12 Year Odyssey: Inside the making of God Said Give ‘Em Drum Machines with filmmakers Kristian Hill and Jennifer Washington, 10 Years of Heist, Nala Mi Domina and more inside 5 Mag Issue 201, out now.

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So here we are: 5 Mag #201. As the cover story for this issue (illustrated with the gorgeous artwork of Bruno Morphet), the filmmakers behind the new Detroit techno documentary God Said Give ‘Em Drum Machines take us through their journey, from growing up in the city of Detroit to developing a project that began filming all the way back in 2010 – to make a “human story about dance music” and techno’s origins.

We also welcome back our friend and collaborator Rees Urban for a 10 year overview of Dam Swindle’s Heist Recordings. Lauren Krieger meets Nala, who launched her new label Mi Domina with a bangin’ acid OD and a mission “to explore the marriage between punk inspiration, badass women and dance music.” Ultra Naté drops a new album amidst the mainstream’s 24/7 Beyonce’n’Drake hype and we take a closer look at Donner’s new acid box and what Spotify is doing to our brains (and our beats.) There’s more inside, and below…

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🔴 Dam Swindle: Ten Years of Heist. Where the swindling never stops. Rees Urban talks to Dam Swindles Maarten Smeets and Lars Dale on the 10 year anniversary of Heist Recordings and their series “Keep On Swindling.”

🔴 Techno Folklore: The Making of God Said Give Em Drum Machines. Two filmmakers from Detroit on the 12 year odyssey to tell the story of techno’s foundations and make “a human story about dance music.”

🔴 Ultra, Simply Ultra. With house music history again part of the mainstream conversation, Ultra Naté steps forward with a brilliant new album that shows everyone how it’s done.

🔴 Nala Mi Domina. Shaped by the electronic music underground of Miami and LA, Nala steps out with Get Familiar, the premiere release from her new label and exploring “the marriage between punk inspiration, badass women and dance music.”

🔴 When 5 Mag Met Steve Mill (Again). The Greek producer breaks a 3 year hiatus with a new EP on Tensnake’s True Romance. Here’s what else he’s been up to.

🔴 Q, Anonymously. All we really knew about Q Lazzarus is that she made a perfect pop song. But we always want to know more.

🔴 What Spotify is Doing to Dance Music. Driven by appeasement to the algorithm, what’s practically a new genre of electronic music has emerged — hostile to DJs, and seemingly unaware of what a DJ even does.

🔴 Heavy Machinery: Acid Reflux. Chinese brand Donner’s first synth is an inexpensive remake of the classic Roland TB-303. Is it worth it?

🔴 Screen Grab: In Outer Space, No One Can Hear Your Moog. Making interstellar ambient loops with SpaceFields

🔴 Music Reviews 201. New music from Aakmael (Upstairs Asylum), Nico Lahs (Selections), Kaidi Tatham (First Word Records), Kyle Hall (Forget The Clock), Lovebirds (Teardrop Recordings), Lanowa (Citizens of Vice), Cosmic Garden (Cosmic Rhythm), Patty Thorne (Mighty Force), Greg Foat (Foundation Music), Ronnie Herel & Omar (Quantize Recordings), Jack Eject (Drifted), A Man Called Adam (Other Records), Wukah (Dealt With Records), How To Disappear Completely and K.Mo (Wayout Records).

🔴 In Rotation 201. Records we love and are playing the hell out of from Being (Apartment Records), Kayenne (NDATL), James Curd & Marcellus Pittman (Pronto), Jon Dixon (4evr 4wrd), Strega Musica, Dave Lee, Black Loops (Aterral), System of Survival (Fventi), Jeff Derringer (Oktave Recordings), La Deep (Nordic Trax), Arkademode (Melopee Records) and Kyoto Jazz Massive.



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