Bleep District: Science and Soul EP

People have told me that A&R is a lost art in dance music, and when you finally see it done right, you can understand what they’re saying. Olivier Desmet of Amenti consistently signs some of the top names in the business and it’s not just because he’s a nice guy. He has an uncanny ability to link up artists with remixers who can do more than just sell a few more units but add something intangible to the overall release. Bleep District’s Science & Soul EP brings together Bleep District with the signature underground sound of LawnChair Generals, giving the title track a mix that’s new school and funky but which the soulheads will be able to dance to. “Clap Your Feet” is the sleeper of this release with a classic boogie music bass sample that should be a staple of every basement party from here to eternity.