Funk? Soul? Disco? Some crazy vocal lines? Yeah, this has it – all. If you’re a a fan of groovy Disco House – mostly on the slower side (120-ish), you gotta grab this. First, you will listen to the mixed tracks constantly for a month, then it will be your go-to for a long time – when you’re cranky and need some automatic cheering up. Second, you have the individual tracks and you’ll want to put my top-3 favs in your set for sure: “The Bottom Line,” “Tena’s Song” (I’m a sucker for hand claps), “She Can’t Love You” (man, that chick is a sassy truth-teller) and “Salsa Rhapsody” (which has this captivating horn solo before the odd but delicious voices begin). Oh wait, that’s four tracks… Bottom line? Totally worth your dollar signs.

Review by Lydia Wrobel