I’m grateful to sift through mediocre music every month, truly. But what can really annoy me is my sense of the unnecessary urgency or excitement to just get something out there, and the people who green-light tracks when they may not be ready. This adds to my immense appreciation for new producers who are in no rush, those who are committed to realizing a vision and if that happens only once or twice a year… well, that’s how many releases are coming out. Look Like is one these producers and not only that, he owns his own label for his own music… And this is the second release, the previous being over six months ago.

Look Like’s Delta EP is a vision of early Detroit and Chicago realized, drawing upon his early French hip hop influences from his youth in the French part of Switzerland. Acid influence is present throughout but half of the record is playfully programmed breaks. I love it! “Centric Dreams” is dreamy peak hour Deep House that I’ve had the pleasure of playing on a VOID system and it bumps with the best of them. “Questions” is somber and heavier but a well-rounded addition to an already great record.

Look Like: Delta EP (Akoya Circles)
A1. Look Like: “Delta” (5:10)
A2. Look Like: “Questions” (5:50)
B1. Look Like: “Centric Dreams” (5:46)
B2. Look Like: “Oceana” (5:12)

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