Nick V was born in Manchester but for the last three decades has been an integral part of the scene in Paris. His La Mona events, which he talks about elsewhere in this issue, are a dance culture party running since 2008 and “exploring the relationship between dance and electronic music,” which “often sees dance enthusiasts sharing the floor with house music heads. La Mona has “long celebrated the LGBTQ scene, catering for the Parisian community and encouraging alternative dances such as Vogueing, Waacking and many more which were birthed out of the early disco and house scene in the US.”

As a DJ, record collector, audiophile and crate digger, Nick V’s sound traverses through disco, deep techno, broken beat, boogie and dancefloor jazz while keeping house music at the core of everything. This cover mix for 5 Mag Issue 214 is the perfect encapsulation of that.

“Style-wise, La Mona is essentially a house music party and I play the more soulful and deeper sound as I love the rich emotions that house music can convey,” Nick says in an interview in 5 Mag Issue 214. “But I like to move things around during my sets, playing house at around 124 bpm and pitching things up to move into disco or techno territory before coming back down again. There is so much to choose from within the house spectrum, but I like to mix up classic and new stuff, playing beats and throwing in accapellas over instrumental tracks to create different versions.”

Our feature on Nick V and La Mona Paris will be posted next Monday, so watch this space…

Photo by David Volants.

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