Lost My Dog is arguably the first label I fell in love with since working for 5 Magazine. In my pre-digital days sure I had favorite labels, but I still wasn’t a record head and I never truly followed anyone’s catalog. There have been imprints I thought I wanted to follow and when I started getting every release in my inbox, hearing all the filler between the hits, I changed my opinion. I have nothing but respect for the sound Lost My Dog has cultivated over the last 10 years AND their utmost professionalism in doing so.

I am truly sad to see them hanging it up but this ride, wonderful as it’s been, will remain as special a memory as it was happening in real time. I grew as a fan to so many names over the last 4 years I’ve been listening – Giom, Pete Dafeet, Sek, Yse, Dominic Martin, Dale Howard… I’ve long since been a fan of my Texas brother Demarkus Lewis and I can say this label put out some of his BEST work. I’m happy to see their final release features something I was privileged to hear in D’s studio last year when he booked my crew and I for a gig in Dallas.

Now when it comes to dogs, I personally own none. I am totally the guy who will come to your house party and shower your dog with attention though (probably not a Chihuahua, just sayin). I’ve been entertaining myself on Instagram by taking pictures with other people’s dogs here lately. I thought I’d share some of them, along with a few track memories below and a special mix of some of my personal favorites over the last 4 years I’ve been lucky enough to receive music from Lost My Dog.

Kadabra: A Fond Farewell to Lost My Dog Mix

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Acid Andee – Callao
Mike Richardson & Howard Sessions feat KT Forrester – Looking Back
Pete Dafeet & Miami Ice – Time (feat Sara Brito)
Harry Wolfman – Friction
Demarkus Lewis – Wipe Ur Mouth
Roland Nights – Yellow (Nick Dare Remix)
Sek – Chi To Go Moodz
Mountal – Gold Digger (Mr. V SOLE Channel Mix)
Lil Mark – End of the Road
Demarkus Lewis feat Marissa Guzman – If Ya Fall
Roland Van Ter Doon – Dis Potion (Giom Remix)
SKMK – I Can Love
Dominic Martin – My Mind
Pete Dafeet – Rush
Yse feat. Frank H. Carter III – Magic In Your Eyes


Random Favs I Didn’t Mix

Liquid Phonk – Stomp Your Love
This is such a gorgeous track with a very heartfelt vocal. Truly an exercise by the producer in using the voices as their own instrument, the layers are stunning. Pete Dafeet’s remix is one of my absolute favorites to play too.


Jonny Cade and Cera Alba – Don’t Want Your Love
By far one of the most prime time packages I ever got from LMD. At first I was all about Detroit Railroad but once I dropped this record on a sound system, there’s no denying this bassline, especially when they kick back after the midway buildup.


Nathan Coles and Dave Coker – Sweat Bomb
Though I may have missed the early years, the label has been making cuts from the last 10 years available as free downloads to members of their email list. This is easily my favorite and again a lot more jackin’ than you might expect from a deep house label.


Giom and Joshua Heath – Mister Marvellous
One of the easiest reviews I ever wrote. The rolling bassline tacked on top of a Marvin Gaye classic makes for warm, day party vibes.


Awale – Seddik
Such a ballsy release. When I need a good change of pace I bust this out. Gotta love great musicianship. Also another kickass Pete Dafeet remix on this one.


My Selfies With Other People’s Dogs

puppybearThis is the first dog selfie I ever posted. My uncle Milton’s Puppy Bear. He gets taken care of REAL good.


MosesHere’s my friend Daniela’s adorable Moses giving me a look and a half.


SweetieAnother spoiled rotten one. My aunt Lori’s Sweetie.


CodaCoda belongs to my neighbor JR. He marched right up to me with his deflated soccer ball this afternoon. God I love big dogs who play fetch.


shilohShiloh belongs to my parents in Houston. He can be a crank but he can also be very sweet and snuggly.


aubrey-and-bugsThis illustrates how fast time truly flies since this was about 4 years ago when I started working for 5 Magazine. My daughter Aubrey and her uncle Micah’s dog Bugs.



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