5 Mag’s RISE series features a new mix from Littlelake, co-founder of Leipzig, Germany-based label Brombért Records.

Brombért is a “platform for electronic dance music styles of all kinds and is characterized by a special music selection and idiosyncratic appearance. Brombért releases analog and digital. Each release should ideally be different and surprising from the previous one. Because it is the moments of surprise that make club nights unforgettable.”

Littlelake says the “release plan may not be very promising from a commercial point of view, but that is not what Brombért is about. Brombért records stand for themselves, independent of any market trends. This can also be seen in the covers, which are handmade screen-printings show only a picture by the graphic artist Zatina Kessl. In this way, the cover image is recognized as a work of art in its own right, without any written information to distract from it. Music and cover are given equal space, but at the same time this also results in an inseparable unity.”

This mix is a selection of old and new favorites giving an overview of “the range of music that could be released on Brombért Records. So if you think your music is in this spectrum or even completely different, you are welcome to send demo tracks via private streaming or download link to info@brombert.com.”

🔴 Listen: Littlelake / Brombért Records Mix ☀️ RISE vol 9

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🔴 Tracklist – RISE vol 9

1. Christopher Rau – Simple setup
2. Qaadir Howard – Bloodied and a mess
3. Cuthead – Sinner
4. Soulphiction – A freak
5. Session Victim – Trying to make it home
6. Lovebirds – The beast
7. Mella Dee – Passing me by
8. Zoé Zoe – Bust them wifes
9. Arttu – Evvy steps
10. Kowton vs. Bashmore – Mirror song
11. Doodlegz – Affairs (Siggatunez´ live dub)
12. Interplanetary Criminal – Crazy
13. Pépé Elle – Long swelling wave
14 Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka – Eaf siren
15. Lenny San – Extrasolar
16. Paul St. Hilaire + Rhauder – Stabilize