The Playground began in Denver, which is where we first stumbled across the records pressed by Roger That & Co. It was Deep House and it made no apologies for taking records from the best, including Rick Wade, James Duncan and Norm Talley.

Joining that select company is Alton Miller, whose new EP Down For The Dance, Love For The Beat drops on The Playground later this month:

Roger has relocated, and Alton is headlining a special (and specially FREE) Thursday night event this May 23, 2019 at Smartbar. Leading us into Movement Weekend with Alton Miller is the guy we’ve dubbed one of Chicago’s greatest producers, Ricardo Miranda. Roger That and Form round out the line-up.


3730 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL
21+ / 10pm-late

Tickets: FREE / 21 & Over / Doors: 10PM / Show: 10PM