This EP is moody, classy, and reminds me of the wee hours of the morning. It’s also the first from UK-based label Deep Edition. This is one of the more coherent deep house EPs I’ve heard in a while, so let’s jump in.

“Late NYC” from [Aura] is very bass driven, with solid synth patterns and very subtle rolling cymbals. I get a hint of an indie vibe from the overall sound. Simple but well done, it never feels imposing and wants to take you places. Next on the EP are three mixes of “Eddie’s Groove”, a joint collaboration between the two artists. The original mix more than gets the job done with a rolling, bouncing bassline and hints of vocals that do a great job of not distracting you from whatever zone you might be in while listening. This has a bit more emphasis on the highs however, so it feels a lot more energetic, making it pretty flexible to work into a set. The Martijn remix has a lot of the same elements, but the bassline is much more distinct, and gives off a classic ’90s house feel. Either of these is a mood-setter for sure, and will definitely see some action in my deeper sets.

The Steve SoulBasics Coastal Breeze mix is interesting, it’s definitely part of the family here on this EP but the drum layering has way more of an acid feel than I was expecting after hearing the first three tracks. However, that might just be my bias towards crisp rhythms and a more polished sound.

“Circular Motion” from RJ Fletcher is well put together, but maybe a bit too slow and chilled out to work into a set at a club (definitely has lounge potential though). I do fancy this album, and I’ll be watching this label closely to see what else they’ve got in the pipeline for us.

Review by D-VO