The Commencement was the debut release from Artefact Records. Though released in mid-summer, it didn’t receive nearly enough attention from DJs or the record-buying public as it should have.

This is a simple four track EP – nothing terribly complicated – that evokes the best of a classic House sound rooted in the movement pushed once-upon-a-time by Relief, Nervous and Prescription. Both producers featured here are from Macedonia, and if these tracks are any indication, probably have a kick ass record collection of ’90s classic Chicago and New York House.

Denny Trajkov apparently blitzed through America’s finest cities and sends these audio postcards home. His track “Get Down” (NY Late Mix) uses some limited samples to great effect. A disco orchestra (think Salsoul) two note sample starts off in what sounds like blaring traffic, adds in a third note and we’re off and running. This isn’t complicated either but again, it’s dangerously effective. “Millenium Park” (Weekend in Chicago Mix) is a dizzy little headtrip with a crashing break. As the title suggests, you can hear a bit of an homage to Relief in here. “Funky Thing” by Angel Rize is the heater here, with a strumming ’70s funk guitar and a really deep groove.

In keeping with the current market, Artefact has already moved on to their second release (“Fuel Up the Beat” by Dejan Dex). There’s a wonderful surprise awaiting someone when they stumble across The Commencement in the bins, or would be had it been issued with vinyl. Ponder that for a minute: a media that gets worse every time you use it has become more enduring than a digital format that retains its integrity, theoretically, for a thousand years. Mind = blown. The record-buying public (or what’s left of it) might be jaded, but some records still take some time to catch on, and this one should get a few spins before it sunsets.

Online at junodownload and beatport.