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"I Found Love" sounds like a freight train driving through your living room and blowing open a tunnel to the discotheque next door.
Prince was still alive when Green Velvet released Bigger Than Prince, and that's just a little of what's changed in the last 10 years
A storied company continues to gut staff and reportedly shift product manufacturing overseas under new ownership.
VIVA ACID presents this never-before-heard mixtape from Midwest Techno legend DJ Hyperactive, circa 1995. This mix captures a pivotal moment and time period in the evolution of Midwest rave caught on tape. Unearthed directly from the VBNTS archive by VIVA ACID's Luis Baro.
Heist Recordings' V/A of previously released material is, no shit, the best album I heard this month, with tracks from Fouk, Felipe Gordon, Dam Swindle, Demuir, Crackazat, Nachtbraker and more.
House music vocalist Diviniti

Diviniti – In Due Time

5 Mag speaks to Detroit house music vocalist Diviniti on the making of In Due Time, performing and teaching, and the "grit and glamor" learned & earned as an artist in Detroit.
CrowdSurge had a nice business helping artists sell pre-sale concert tickets. Then Ticketmaster took an interest in them. This is the story, told through court documents, of how the ticketing monopoly measured up, infiltrated and destroyed a rival.
We meet Irish deep house producer Martha Dark, whose debut release "Promise" is out now on theBasement Discos.
Listen to the first track from Giant Arm, the new label from beloved techno producer and DJ Noncompliant. "Symptom Onset" is premiering with 5 Mag now.
Released in 2020, Fanon Flowers' seven track album Detroit Automation is a masterpiece of minimal but visceral ambient and machine-tooled techno.
Tides is a vibe - sparkling, hazy, incandescent eclectic tracks from Carlo on his Aterral label.
Dark Entries prepares an album of jazz, gospel and blues on Sylvester's Private Recordings: August 1970 in honor of legendary disco vocalist's 76th birthday.
For some people "Pressure" is late night music. It's early morning for some and some of us live our whole lives at an afterhours tempo. The Eddie Leader and Chez Damier collaboration on wax is a treat for whenever you're up and ready to vibe.
A "dazzling innovator of this art form," Nini Nobless broke new ground in electronic music in the early 1980s with synth disco duo Lime.
Lavan drops a dime of pure, unadulterated underground happiness on this 12" garage / deep house EP from +98 Records out of Berlin.
Commissioned by Unidisc, Dave Lee gives "Come On Dance, Dance" from flashly 1970s studio project Saturday Night Band a 9 minute rubdown, including bongo-riddled breakdown that will be catnip for DJs and dancefloors.
A single AI music company claims it has created 14% of the world's recorded music and are flooding streaming platforms. Who, or what, is Boomy?
Hands up if you had Lars Behrenroth dropping a gnarly as f acid track for the summer of 2023
Guitarist, songwriter, producer and founding member of MFSB and the Salsoul Orchestra, Bobby Eli has died at the age of 77 of natural causes in Havertown, a suburb due west of Philadelphia.
Six US record companies are claiming upwards of $372 million in damages against the Internet Archive, joining America's leading book publishers in suing the non-profit website.


After Moog: The most depressing story in the industry gets worse

A storied company continues to gut staff and reportedly shift product manufacturing overseas under new ownership.