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Roots is out now on Monologues from Damian Rausch and featuring Meron T and Thomas Garcia.
Norm Talley brings together not just 8 of the best producers from Detroit but some of their best work on Unity Vol 1, featuring Jon Dixon, Darren Abrams, Rick Wade, Mike Clark, Kai Alce, Kyle Hall, Eddie Fowlkes and Santonio Echols.
Nico Lahs, Rydm Sectors and KETAMA remix "When The Morning Comes" and "Ever Wonder" featuring Amp Fiddler and Abacus.
Brawther has more secret weapons than the CIA. The Driver is next.
Recorded live, Mourning Light captures that feeling of every human as a chrysalis emerging from hibernation after COVID-19 lockdowns.
"An education in Chicago house music" from Craig Alexander on Rolla Disco, out now from Housepit Chi Records.
Patrice Scott returns with another slab of black gold on Sistrum with For My People
Dam Swindle teardown their remixes of Gino Soccio, First Choice, Double Exposure and more from their two volume set of Salsoul remixes.
Bootleggers be damned: the single best example of Vincent Floyd's deep, hypnotic and atmospheric sound gets a classy reissue.
Kai & The Gang: Kai Alce produces and Jihad Muhammad and DJ Beloved remix Miranda Nicole's sultry "Build A Bridge" on NDATL Muzik.
Out now on black wax from Groove Access, where fine deep house tracks are sold.
Toronto label Selections is hitting hard, this time with a Dan Only release and Black Loops remix.
Built to last and better with age: Kyle Hall's Polychronic EP is out now from Forget The Clock.
Spotify's last money-grab from artist royalties alarmed government investigators. Now they're grabbing even more.
Hi Tech Criminal's gem from 1994 gets reissued and is sold out almost immediately.
If you prize gorgeous musicianship in pursuit of capturing a vibe above all other things, these are your songs.
Meditation is free but the enlightenment will cost you.
A series of top-notch remixes of "Friends," the final track from iconic UK duo Bent's 2021 album Up In The Air.


How the frenzied sale of music publishing will change sample culture.
Blazing new techno from Annika Wolfe and Motech.


House Music Is Church: Rahsaan Patterson in the new 5 Mag

New issue of 5 Mag with Rahsaan Patterson, Ka§par, Harold Heath's 2021 rewind, Jeff Mills & Kraftwerk on soundtracking Metropolis and more.