Season Four of the Comedy Central series Drunk History will feature a segment recreating – sort of – the infamous Disco Demolition Night and riot at Comiskey Park on Chicago’s South Side.

The show features Chicago-area comedian Bob Odenkirk drunkenly recalling the incident taking place in Detroit’s Tiger Stadium.

The 1979 event, of course, took place here, in Comiskey Park, when radio DJ Steve Dahl destroyed a cache of disco records before fans stormed the field and a riot lead to the forfeit of the second game of a doubleheader.

If you’ve never seen it, your grandmother would explain Drunk History as “a program that focuses on the comedic retelling of events when distorted by the heavy intake of alcohol.”

The episode is due to air sometime this Fall; no word on exactly when. Clips of a Chicago cop swinging a baton followed by Odenkirk-as-Dahl and the demolition itself take place in a few seconds at about 0:45 in this promo:

The LA Times spoke last month with series creator Derek Waters:

“Bob Odenkirk gets drunk and talks about the disco demolition in Chicago,” [Waters said].

What was their preferred poison? “Lin drank whiskey and Bob drank tequila,” Waters said. “He had tequila shots and vodka soda.” Which is impressive because Odenkirk doesn’t drink. “It was really impressive. No he did it for the show.”

When asked if he was nervous being around Odenkirk (who wasn’t an experienced drunk), Waters said of course.”It’s Bob and it’s like taking care of your favorite baby.”


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