In the House scene it’s known that one has to wear many hats, but in Darren Holland’s case this man may as well have written the book on it.

When I first met him a few years ago in Chicago, I knew him as just Darren, the DJ from London as well as having his own promising label Baldeelox Records. What started out as a soulful Jacking House label turned into a fully fledged promotions company throwing parties all across the globe.

This success led to Sennheiser approaching him to help create projects to get them more exposure into the DJing and EDM scene. Live DJ Underground was created, which is growing to be an extensive DJ and music lifestyle website, covering all spectrums of electronic music. Add in the company Radio 4×4, and now parties sponsored by Sennheiser are broadcast live and recorded on the website.

Trying to keep up with Darren is no joke – he’s already clocked in 36 plane journeys in the last year, taking him between England and cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, San Jose & Miami. For this year’s WMC alone he is involved in no less than 14 parties.

“There doesn’t seem to be a lot of get up and go about promoting House like it used to be” he states. “It’s a question of going back to a lot of basics and getting that hustle and swing back.” If only we had more people like Darren in our scene, we’d be well on our way. • • •