When today’s music insists that bigger is better – whether it be festivals with multiple stages set in massive fields, or mega clubs that brag about their size as if the music scene were an ExtenZe commercial – there is one beacon in Chicago’s nightlife scene that stands out all on its own.

DJ and promoter Derek Specs took over the space that would become Primary Night Club three years ago and had a vision to create his own musical universe with acts that he always wanted to hear. No one else was booking them in Chicago, many were considered “esoteric” and many were located overseas. These were acts that were ahead of their time, DJs and producers that were right at the cusp of stardom – people like Guti, Moon Boots, Golf Clap and Tiger and Woods.

Specs also owns Site and Sound Company, so he used his a lot of his equipment and knowledge to create state-of-the-art lighting and sound: a powerful Void sound system, a 12’x30’ LED wall and a 30×30 dancefloor. His philosophy was to create a haven for people that enjoyed the music, in an intimate setting and without the hassles of dress codes and heavy drink prices.

It was a small club with a big dream.

Primary Night Club had many challenging factors to begin with. Its Rush Street location put it smack dab in the midst of loud obnoxious frat bars that made many clubgoers initially hesitant. But since then Primary has become widely respected and adored, considered by many to be one of the top 5 dance clubs in Chicago. Its Shipwrecked boat party recently won best monthly party in the Chicago Nightlife Awards. Almost every major House and Techno DJ has graced its decks. When Primary hosted Boiler Room Chicago in 2014 with acts like Phuture and Paul Johnson, they boasted the most viewers to ever tune in at that time. And more than anything, Primary gave us an education. I remember looking at many a headliner and asking “Who the heck is that??” But by the end of the night, I was a fan.

This weekend of June 19th-21st, 2015, Primary is celebrating its Three Year Anniversary with acts that run the gamut from old to new school, House to Tech to Techno to Deep to everything in between. It’s a celebration of diversity, believing in the little guy and in the heart of Chicago’s people.

Derek Specs isn’t burned out – he’s excited and energized by the challenge of continually rebuilding upon Primary’s past success. He goes on about new Void speakers, new seating and booths – oh, and a new DJ booth being built. “Dreams don’t come true without plenty of no-sleep nights.” he says. Amen.

Primary is located at 5 W. Division, Chicago. Below are the dates for the 3-year anniversary. For more information go to: www.primarychi.com


Friday (6/19/15):
Bromance Night featuring Louisahhh!!!
MYD (Club Cheval)
Sam Tiba (Club Cheval)

Saturday (6/20/15):
Primary Three Year Anniversary
Gene Farris
Derek Specs b2b Steve Gerard

Sunday (6/21/15):
Act Natural
Juliet Fox
Dustin Sheridan
Andrew Emil
Plus Plus

Derek Specs’ birthday party (6/28/15)
Act Natural
Paul Johnson
The Wolf


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